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The 100% Virtual Agents Company

Work 100% Remotely from Anywhere, Anytime!

Most of our Full-Time Agents enjoy a 4 Day Work Week, Mon-Thur. 3 Day Weekends.

22 Year Old Works 100% Virtually, Earning a Multiple 6-figure Income

22 Year old Connor Jones, Co-Founder of the 100% Virtual Agent Platform, realized when he was a Junior in high school that a college degree was not going to get him where he wanted to be in business any faster than hard work and determination... 4 years later - he has proven to his past teachers who doubted his ambition, wrong by building an incredible lifestyle while doing it from the comfort of his own home and office.

Connor and his wife just built a beautiful custom home about a half hour from where Connor grew up.

The proven and predictable model of our Virtual Platform allows Connor and most of our full-time agents to enjoy a 4 day work week, allowing for 3 day weekends!

A Truly Virtual/ Work Remote Sales Platform

Many successful industry veterans consider our Virtual/ Work Remote Agent Platform as the most significant advancement in our industry in more than 25 years.

From the Virtual Sales Appointment process that has been perfected to serve and protect our clients in a world of COVID to the world we live in today of virtual meetings such as Zoom, Facetime and other video meeting platforms.

Our Virtual Agent, Daily Coaching Sessions have been the most successful and popular part of our platform. Our Daily Virtual Coaching Sessions hosted Live M-F, allow the opportunity for agents to ask for advice from the Top Virtual Agents in our company related to challenges they may have experienced the prior day when doing their own personal appointments. No longer waiting until the next agent training which could be a week or even a month from now. While we are helping one agent tweak something about a challenge they may be experiencing during their virtual appointment process we are also training hundreds of others do the same.

Interested in Becoming a Virtual Agent from Home?

Are you interested in learning more about the opportunity to work 100% Virtual/ Work from home with Yellowstone life group? If so, we would love to speak with you.

Yellowstone life group is a true Virtual/ Work from home based company. Our Virtual Agent Career platform has been very successful in both serving our clients through virtual meetings as well as providing an incredible opportunity for you the agent to be more efficient and effective in growing your book of clients.

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