Mortgage Protection

Mortgage protection plans are designed to pay your home mortgage in the event of the unexpected death or illness of you or your loved one, resulting in the loss of income.

Options for Mortgage Protection include:

  • Full Pay-off
  • Lump Sum Payment towards the Refi of your mortgage balance to bring the payments down to an affordable level that the remaining income can handle
  • Several Years of Mortgage Payments to provide time for the surviving spouse to make the payments while they decide what their next move is while putting the home for sale and protecting the equity in your home,
  • Critical Illness Income - providing a percentage of your policies value in a lump sum payment to supplement your loss of income while recovering from a major illness such as Heart Attack, Stroke, Cancer

Final Expense/ Burial Insurance

Final expense plans are designed to remove, or offset, the financial stress associated with the death of a loved one and the unexpected expenses that can fall on the family members.

Options for Final Expense include

  • Funeral of Burial expenses
  • Mortgage Payments
  • Medical Debt
  • Paying off debt
  • Grandchildren College Savings

These plans are available in varying coverage amounts to fit the clients budget

Living Benefits Life Insurance

Living benefits life insurance provides a lump-sum benefit upon diagnosis of a covered critical, chronic or terminal illness. This payout helps our clients avoid the financial burden that can be created by those unexpected diagnosis.

Life Insurance in the past only paid out upon a death. Today, many of those outdated plans have been replaced by life insurance options that allow you to use the money from the policy should you survive a major illness. An unexpected major illness that results in loss of income and overwhelming medical bills is the #1 reason for foreclosure in the U.S.

Some of those expenses that often cause a great deal of financial stress for us when being diagnosed with a major illness include:

  • Mortgage Payments
  • Loss of Income
  • Car Payments
  • Utilities
  • Medical Bills

The plan value is determined by you based on the income required and/ or personal budget

Retirement Protection

Stock market volatility is real! Do you recall in 2008 when the market crashed, resulting in millions of Americans losing 50% or more of their 401K Retirement plans. Many Americans lost so much value that they had to delay their planned retirement or in many cases, not retire at all! Our Retirement Protection products allow our clients to participate in the a percentage of the gains when the stock market goes up. However, when the market falls, our clients are 100% protected from any loss.

Most of our clients today are American who decided they no longer wanted their 401K at risk and moved that money to one of our Financial Protection Retirement solutions to protect it from future loss.

Benefits of our Retirement Protection Solutions include

  • All of our retirement planning products either grow on a tax deferred basis or on a tax free basis.
  • Clients can also opt to add benefits such as living benefits, income riders and more to ensure a worry free retirement.
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