New Agent Licensing

New Agents: Get Licensed

Part One: Study Materials & Scheduling Exam

1. Log into

2. Select "Insurance-LIFE"

3. Scroll to middle of page to "State Licensing Requirements"

4. Click "View State Requirements"

5. Select your resident state and click on it

6. READ ALL OF YOUR STATE’S REQUIREMENTS-Each state is different!!!

7. Find, "How Do I Get My License?"

8. Step 2-This section will explain how to schedule your exam.

SCHEDULE YOUR EXAM FOR YOUR STATE NOW. Schedule within 7-10 days from TODAY (if you are unable to do this-STOP-Contact Heather at 682-803-1459 or and notify our office.

9. Text/Email test date & time to Heather at 682-803-1459 or and notify our office.

10. On this same page in ExamFX, Follow instructions & schedule fingerprinting on the same day or within 24 hours of the exam.

11. After both the test and fingerprinting are scheduled & you have reported both to Heather, go back to the ExamFx homepage.

12. Click "Insurance" then click "Life"

13. You will see "Life Pre-Licensing Training," click "Register Now"

14. You will see "Discount Code"


15. Click "Next Step"

16. Select product "Insurance Pre-Licensing"

17. Select Resident State

18. Select training "Life Only"

19. Click "Next Step"

20. Choose your package-This is your choice….

21.Create an account-Fill in payment info, purchase & Get to Studying!

Good Luck!!!
Part Two: Additional Study Tips

Additional Study Tips

Go through each chapter of the study by topic. You can select practice questions throughout the reading material and a question will generate over the material you have covered. Take your chapter quizzes and work towards 70% or better score before moving on to the next chapter. If you do not pass on the first few tries, go back into the material and re-read before attempting again.

Once you have completed all your reading and chapter quizzes, take a Simulated Exam. This will give you a good idea of where you are at regarding the state exam.

Once you have completed a Simulated Exam, a Focused Review will generate. Go through the Focused Review, as you select each topic, it will take you directly into the material where you need to study instead of re-reading the entire chapter.

If you scored between a 40% and 70% on the Simulated Exam, a Focused Exam will generate with the Focused Review. Once you have completed the Focused Review, take the Focused Exam. It will have questions that directly relate to the material you missed. You will only be able to take it once.

Once you have completed the Focused Review, take the Focused Exam.
Once you feel confident that you have covered all the material and have scheduled your state exam, take the Guarantee Exam within 3 days prior to your state exam. You only have 2 chances for the Guarantee Exam. This exam will be a different question bank and will help you continue to prepare for your state exam. If you score an 80% or better on the Guarantee Exam within 3 days of taking your state exam, and for any reason fail the state exam, we will refund the cost of the course with a copy of the state testing results.

Additional Study Tools

Learn as you go quiz – this will be unlocked throughout the entire course; you can take this at any time just to see how you are doing.

OnDemand Videos – on the main menu you will have a tab that says OnDemand Video Library, this will give you access to additional videos broke down by chapter and concept

Listen Up! MP3 – audio files of key facts, also found on main menu

Online Flash Cards – flash cards by chapter, found on main menu


1. Logged onto the Daily Coaching Call for the first time

2. Completed the 8-Step Virtual Training

3. Received and responded to carrier's email. 4. Received your writing number from each carrier

5. Purchased leads through OPT



All agents, both brand new and seasoned, licensed and in the licensing process, are required to attend The Daily Coaching call! M-F 10am EST:

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