Tracking & Building

8a. Track Your Sales Activity

8b. Report Your Applications

Equis has a 48-hour deadline for an agent to report any applications to their dashboard that they have submitted to the carrier. If you are unable to do this for any reason, please contact your upline or agency manager and request that they report on your behalf. If business has not been entered after 48 hours, the New Business Department will enter it for you once they pull the new business carrier reports, but it will be flagged as "unreported" business.

It is important to note that all entries must list the respective clients’ legal names and the correct Carrier and Product. Please also ensure that client names are spelled correctly. Any misspellings or use of "nicknames" may result in an "unreported" business flag or processing delays.

It is essential to remind agents to promptly report any client applications that undergo changes or amendments leading to the carrier assigning a new policy number. This practice is crucial to prevent the policy from being marked as "unreported" by the New Business Team when a second policy number appears in the carrier report.

Please note, unreported business does not factor into monthly bonus calculations, so be SURE you are following these procedures for all of your submitted business!

Should any entry need correcting after reporting, please do not hesitate to chat with our Agent Services Team via your agent dashboard for assistance.

9. Building Your Business

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10. Daily Roundtable Call

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